We can all be who we wish to be.Crippled, lame and blind persons have achieved their dreams through hope and determination.What does it require that we all do not have? Of course nothing!If we all …



Vegetation creates pleassure

Imagine these scenario:You always see grass and flowers everywhere, you walk on it everyday. It is a great site. Now imagine this, grass is everywhere but not in the desert. What can we do to create change in the desert? We want green grass in desert where there is no water. What do we do?

We will always triumph

Everyday in our life, we get stuck. There are people to step on us, look down upon us but we are still strong and ready to move.We can live without these blocks. The blocks actually make us grow stronger every new day. They will say anything to make us feel inferior but with God we shall triumph and become victors. Our God  is still fighting for us and encouraging us to push on no matter what. Let us always hope in the Lord and all shall be well with our souls.